Appreciation of climatic drought rising in agriculture and mitigation of its consequences with irrigation

Supervisor: prof. Dr. Ing. Milada Šťastná

Basic information

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Project description:
The purpose of the projectis to obtain data and to propose decision-making techniques in order to minimize undesirable effects of droughts in agriculture. For the entire Czech Republic, the areas frequently hit by drought, both at present and in the future will be identified, taking into consideration the possible climatic change predicted by variouse models.According to outputs from crop simulation models will be prepared a scientific study, which summarize the impacts of climatic change on selected crop yields, including appearence of drought stress periods during the critical developing stages, if the irrigation is not used.
Kind of project:
NAZV (Projekt Národní agentury pro zemědělský výzkum)
Department:Department of Applied and Landscape Ecology (FA)
Project identification:QF3100
Project identification by CPR or CRRP:
Project status:Defended
Project start date :01. 03. 2003
Project close date:
31. 12. 2007
Number of workers in the project:8
Number of official workers in the project:
Number of results in the project:

Official project workers

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Official roles
prof. Dr. Ing. Milada Šťastná
methodical solver
doc. Ing. Jiří Filip, CSc.řešitel
prof. Ing. František Toman, CSc.
další pracovník
RNDr. Mojmír Kohut, Ph.D.další pracovník
doc. Ing. Jana Podhrázská, Ph.D.
další pracovník