Possibilities of limiting the drought impact by optimizing management practices in some field crops.

Supervisor: doc. Ing. Vladimír Smutný, Ph.D.

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Project description:
The extreme meteorological events occurring over the last years have significantly influenced the agricultural production in the Czech Republic. A number of specialists are of the opinion that these are effects of climatic change. Under the warmest conditions on extremely light or heavy soils, such locations, where economic effectiveness will be difficult to achieve, are expected to occur. The most affected locations will be those at lower altitudes that are supposed to suffer from more frequent meteorological drought events, which could negatively influence the yield level in our most fertile regions. Therefore, it is necessary to limit drought effects using some agronomic treatments. The objective of the project is to optimize the so-called crop management practices modified according to soil and climatic conditions that are not sufficiently considered in our country. Various farming systems and soil tillage practices will be comprehensively evaluated for selected crops under drier conditions in field experiments. The developed crop management practices adapted to changing climatic conditions provide prerequisites for higher competitiveness of plant production in farming under drier regions of the Czech Republic.
Kind of project:
NAZV (Projekt Národní agentury pro zemědělský výzkum)
Department of Agrosystems and Bioclimatology (FA)
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Project start date :
01. 04. 2004
Project close date:
31. 12. 2008
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Official roles
další řešitel
doc. Ing. Petr Hlavinka, Ph.D.
další řešitel (od 1. 1. 2007)
Ing. Tamara Dryšlová, Ph.D.
další řešitel; zadavatel do UIS
odpovědný řešitel
Ing. Lubomír Neudert, Ph.D.další řešitel
Ing. Blanka Procházková, CSc.další řešitel
další řešitel
další řešitel
další řešitel
prof. Ing. Zdeněk Žalud, Ph.D.další řešitel
další pracovník
Lenka Ježová
další pracovník
další pracovník (od 1. 1. 2006)
další pracovník (od 1. 1. 2006)
Ing. Dana Sklenářovádalší pracovník (do 31. 12. 2005)