Development of a reliable system for detection and quantification of pathogens evoking GTD and GTD survey in the Czech wine regions

Supervisor: doc. Mgr. Miroslav Baránek, Ph.D.

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One of the goals of this project is the detection of pathogens which causes GTD in environment of the vineyards in Czech Republic. Czech vine growing regions belongs to the northern regions of vine growing in Europe. So information from the Czech Republic will be interesting for comparison with another regions in Europe and generally for a whole COST action to obtain mosaic of GTD in Europe as complex as possible. We want to develop systems based on PCR designated for detection and quantification of individual GTD-related pathogens. More precisely, we intend to apply the real time PCR by using specific TaqMan probes. This technique is usually very efficient tool to reach this kind of aims. After individual protocols for individual pathogens will be prepared, we want to make the collection of GTD symptomatic plants from the most important wine regions in the Czech Republic. As described above, the GTD pathogens are not so well analyzed in Czech Republic if compared with some other counties with considerable wine industry. But by this way the most important pathogens implemented in GTD in environment of Czech Republic will be determined.. Subsequently deeper deciphering is planned. The supposed methods are PCR, real time PCR and sequencing (capillary and next generation). Especially Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) as a massive paralel type of sequencing seems to have great potential, because from initial clinical methodologies NGS comes recently to all fields of research, including phytopathology (Coetzee et al., 2010; Al Rwahnih et al., 2011; Adams et al., 2009; Wu et al., 2009). By using NGS it is possible to receive a great amount of data on the nucleotide level and to receive all nucleotide based information from infected grapevine. So NGS principle seems to be very suitable method for receiving of direct diagnosis of all GTD causing pathogens. Therefore another important topic of this project will be to evaluate Next Generation sequencing procedure as a tool for detailed exploration of GDT pathogens in symptomatic grapevines.
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Other (Jiný projekt)
Mendeleum - Institute of Genetics and Plant Breeding (FH)
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In progress
Project start date :14. 04. 2014
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