Consequences and risks of "The European Landscape Convention" infringement

Supervisor: Ing. Želmíra Novotná

Basic information

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Project description:The project deals with the implementation of the European Landscape Convention (hereinafter the Convention), whose ratification of the Czech Republic has committed itself to protect and care for the landscape and its layout and also for European cooperation in this field. The reason for opening a project is just lack of knowing and poor practices in the exchange of information and experiences relating to the implementation of the Convention in the Czech Republic. The project aims is introducing the principles of the Convention into the practice and its application in the legislation of the Czech Republic through cooperation among partners. Key project activities are reciprocal internships at partner institutions and cooperation with foreign experts. Next activities are interactive seminars and creative workshops focusing on problems with the Convention. The results are: textbook for universities, proceedings of seminars and workshops and a traveling exhibition. The target group is students and university employees and professionals involved with education, research and development.
Kind of project:
OP (Operační programy)
Department of Landscape Planning (FH)
Project status:Accepted
Project start date :
01. 02. 2012
Project close date:
31. 07. 2014
Number of workers in the project:
Number of official workers in the project:
Number of results in the project:6

Official project workers

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Official roles
Finanční manažer
koordinátor projektu
Ing. Markéta Flekalová, Ph.D.
Ing. Lenka Trpáková