Potential benefits and risks resulting from globalization processes for Czech business sphere and consumers.

Supervisor: Ing. Ladislav Stejskal, Ph.D.

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Project description:
Project proposal stems from deeply established and persisting disparities in contemporary global economic system. These are given by fundamental inequality of economics, society and politics. On the other hand social and political institutions stay more or less local and national. This phenomenon led over last decades to a gradual transformation of nearly whole Czech Republic into a peripheral service economy of supra 6 national companies with all corresponding impacts on Czech market subjects. Globalization is an irreversible process and submitters's intention is not to speculate on a reversal change of current conditions. On the contrary, by the help of team of scientists dealing with various viewpoints on globalization impacts research the conclusions will be made how to behaven in changing world and how to behave in changing world and how eventually adapt value scales. Impacts on the production sphere have been often solved and analyzed in various studies, therefore project focuses on other pivotal economic subjects 6 the business sphere and the consumers.
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GAČR (Projekt financovaný Grantovou agenturou ČR)
Department of Marketing and Trade (FBE)
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01. 01. 2010
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