Decision support system as a tool supporting sustainability in irrigation practices

Garant: prof. Dr. Ing. Milada Šťastná

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The objective of the project is to make an analysis in three participating countries (Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia), which would be the base for preparation of common EU project proposal for 7th FP. It would optimize basin wide irrigation management based on individual irrigation support at the farm level with the stress on sustainable agricultural environment. Input Information from farmers on the irrigated crop (kind, planting date, number of crops per m², tillage operations, local precipitation and actual individual irrigation) will be coupled with data from automatic micro-climatic sensors in the planning EU project proposal. Then developed Decision Support System (DSS) will calculate the actual crop water requirement on a daily basis depending on the measured weather data (maximum and minimum temperature, solar radiation, humidity, precipitation and wind speed) of each local field area. As the measured soil area is very small, accurate installation procedure is necessary for good approximation of the irrigation schedule. Improving the recent irrigation technologies and consequently fertilizer use efficiency at farmers level is the major contributor to increase crop production and reverse the degradation of the environment or avoid irreversible environmental damage and allow for sustainable irrigated agriculture.
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Jiný (Jiný projekt)
Ústav aplikované a krajinné ekologie (AF)
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ASO 2006
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01. 05. 2006
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31. 12. 2006
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