Yam Production and Food Security in Nigeria

Supervisor: prof. Ing. Věra Bečvářová, CSc.

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Project description:
Food production is a necessary condition for reducing hunger and ensuring food security, especially for the poor rural dwellers that are vulnerable to misfortune. This project is an attempt to explore the importance of yam production, socioeconomic characteristics of farmers, constraints to yam production, and yam as an integral of food security in the Logo Local Government of Benue State, Nigeria. At the end of this project, policy recommendation will be profiled to help in addressing the current issues patterning to yam production and the post-harvest period, thus paving ways for sustainable yam production and food security within the yam belt areas.
Kind of project:
IGA (Projekt financovaný Interní grantovou agenturou)
Department of Regional and Business Economics (FRDIS)
Project identification:IGA 14/2014
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Project start date :
16. 03. 2014
Project close date:15. 03. 2015
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