Research plan 05: Optimization of processing the wood and wood-based composite material

Supervisor: prof. Ing. Jiří Kulhavý, CSc.

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Project description:A basic starting point for the Czech Republic (CR) is the support of wood consumption as a renewable, ecologically favourable and multilaterally utilizable raw material. Increase in the wood consumption can be solved only providing the interconnection of forest policy with the state conception in other sectors (environment, energetics, industry, building). One of the decisive conditions of successfulness of Czech wood-processing companies is the sufficient amount of quality and price-available wood raw material. With respect to the present level of raw timber production amounting to 1.3 m3 per capita, the CR belongs to leading European countries. However, consumption of wood products in our country is extremely low as compared with developed countries but also with the European average. A complicated situation on the Czech timber market is related to some European trends. The European balance of the production and consumption of wood products is markedly affected particularly by exports and imports of rough timber. Imports of timber to European countries are permanently higher than its exports while the difference constantly increases. In the CR wood-processing industry, it is possible to notice a slight improvement as compared with the previous period which was caused by partial revitalization of housing construction and by the beginning reconstruction of a dwelling stock in panel buildings. Sales possibilities on the home market are, however, always smaller than production capacities. We believe that in our country like in countries with developed economics, we live to see a state support in favour of timber and thus also of a consumer similarly as in the majority of EU countries. The subject of research activities is derived from themes of material engineering with special concentration on wood and wood-based materials. The primary objective of the plan is to increase the competitiveness of Czech products on the world market by the development of new products, technological processes and services with an objective to increase the value of wood and wood-based products on the market stressing the requirement not to load the environment by production, processing, use and disposal of wood in all spheres of using. An advantage consists in ensuring renewable resources of wood raw material, sustainability of the development of wood processing, increasing the environmentally-friendly use of new technologies and newly developed products, recycling the used raw materials. The content of the plan is: (1) experimental evaluation of material properties including the creation, simulation and verification of material models, (2) deriving phenomenological descriptions of the material/environment interactions and (3) optimization of processing and use of wood and wood-based materials. Thus, a broad field is covered making possible a global view of wood as a standard material.
Kind of project:
TS VZ (Tematický směr výzkumného záměru)
Department:Department of Forest Ecology (FFWT)
Project identification:
DZ 05
Project status:
In progress
Main project:
Forest and Wood: the support of functionally integrated forest management and use of wood as a renewable raw material
Project start date :
01. 01. 2005
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prof. Dr. Ing. Petr Horáček
Koordinátor dílčího záměru
Koordinátor VZ