Final thesis appendices - Jiřina Bušovová - FBE B-EM-ME pres [term 6, year 3]

Basic information

Basic information about a final thesis

Type of thesis: Bachelor thesis
Assignment:The comparative study of corporate taxation in the Czech Republic and USA
Written by (author): Ing. Jiřina Bušovová
Thesis supervisor: prof. Ing. Danuše Nerudová, Ph.D.
State:past thesis

Final thesis appendices

The following table shows the appendices registered for the final thesis. To download the appendix click on the icon in the Appendix column.

NameAttachmentSizeDate of insertion
formular.pdf236 KiB02/17/2009
formular2.pdf179 KiB02/17/2009
formular3.pdf185 KiB02/17/2009
f1040.pdf200 KiB02/17/2009
f1065.pdf220 KiB02/17/2009
f1065sk1.pdf118 KiB02/17/2009
f1120a.pdf170 KiB02/17/2009
f1120.pdf186 KiB02/17/2009
f1120s.pdf163 KiB02/17/2009
f1120ssk.pdf67 KiB02/17/2009
f1120w.pdf105 KiB02/17/2009
f4466.pdf67 KiB02/17/2009
12Appendix.doc20 KiB02/17/2009