Department of Forest Management and Applied Geoinformatics (FFWT) - list of employees

The application displays a list of employees at the selected department. The information system receives information about employees from HR module of the SAP economic system. In case of discrepancies, please contact the Personnel Department.


Ing. Zdeněk Adamec, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorBA04N3048 (B3.48)+420 545 134 143zdenek.adamec [at]
Ing. Petr BaloghTechnical worker for educational processBA04N1058 (B1.58)+420 545 134 018petr.balogh [at]
Ing. Miloš Cibulka, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorBA04N1064 (B1.64)+420 545 134 019cibulka [at]
doc. Ing. Karel Drápela, CSc.Academic staff - Associate ProfessorBA04N3006 (B3.06)+420 545 134 141drapela [at]
doc. Dr. Ing. Jan KadavýAcademic staff - Associate ProfessorBA04N3009 (B3.09)+420 545 134 145kadavy [at], jan.kadavy [at]
doc. Ing. Martin Klimánek, Ph.D.Project Coordinator, Academic staff - Associate ProfessorBA04N1070 (B1.70)+420 545 134 017klimanek [at]
Ing. Michal Kneifl, Ph.D.Akademický vědecko-výzkumný pracovníkBA04N3008 (B3.08)+420 545 134 146kneifl [at], michal.kneifl [at]
Ing. Tomáš Mikita, Ph.D.Metodik hodnoicení VaV, Assistant ProfessorBA04N1066 (B1.66)+420 545 134 021tomas.mikita [at]
Ilona OstřížkováTechnical organization worker, Garant projektuBA04N1072 (B1.72)+420 545 134 015ostrizek [at]
Ing. Zdeněk Patočka, Ph.D.Researcher, Assistant ProfessorBA04N1068 (B1.68)+420 545 134 022xpatock2 [at]
Ing. Barbora UherkováAcademic staff - assistantBA04N3007 (B3.07)+420 545 134 147xfedorov [at]
Ing. Petr Vahalík, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorBA04N1062 (B1.62)+420 545 134 023petrvahalik [at]

External staff

Ing. Radim Adolt, Ph.D.External InstructorBA04N6075 (B6.75)+420 545 134 556adolt [at]
Ing. Olga Brovkina, CSc.External Teacherqqbrovki [at]
doc. RNDr. Jaromír Kolejka, CSc.External InstructorBA04N4026 (B4.26)+420 545 134 091kolejka [at]
Ing. Kamil Král, Ph.D.External InstructorBA04N5041 (B5.41)+420 545 134 042kamil.kral [at]
Tomáš KučeraContracted Workerqqkuce10 [at]
Dr. Ing. Jaromír MackůExternal Teacher+420 545 134 140macku.jaromir [at]
Dr. Zbyněk MalenovskýExternal Instructorzbynek.malenovsky [at]
Ing. Vít Ondroušek, Ph.D.External InstructorBA39N2069 (Q2.69)+420 545 132 730vit.ondrousek [at]
Ing. Václav PlíhalExternal TeacherBA04N1061a (B1.61a)+420 545 134 016vaplihal [at]
Ing. David Procházka, Ph.D.External InstructorBA39N2056 (Q2.56)+420 545 132 240xproch17 [at]
doc. RNDr. Aleš Ruda, Ph.D.External InstructorBN01N3031 (Z3.31)+420 545 136 331ruda [at]
prof. RNDr. Stanislav Vacek, DrSc.External Teacherqqvacek1 [at]
doc. Mgr. František Zemek, Ph.D.External Instructorzemek.f [at]