Calibration Laboratory of Measuring Equipment (FFWT) - list of employees

The application displays a list of employees at the selected department. The information system receives information about employees from HR module of the SAP economic system. In case of discrepancies, please contact the Personnel Department.


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External staff

Ing. Veronika Hunková, Ph.D.Contracted WorkerBA04N6080 (B6.80)+420 545 134 505veronika.hunkova [at]
doc. Ing. Karel Janák, CSc.Contracted WorkerBA04N6050 (B6.50)+420 545 134 161karel.janak [at]
Ing. et Ing. Jiří Kadlec, Ph.D.Contracted WorkerBA04N3031 (B3.31)+420 545 134 152xkadlec7 [at]
Ing. Aleš Solař, Ph.D.Contracted WorkerBA38N2012 (P2.12)+420 545 134 167, +420 777 878 [at]