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The office phone code for Department of Law and Social Sciences is +420 545 13x xxx (Areál Brno - Černá Pole). Telephone numbers with different office phone codes are displayed in full format.

Staff list

Rašticová Martina, doc. PhDr., Ph.D.head of department, Academic staff - associate Professor2644BA39N6038 (Q6.38)
Johnová Michaela, Bc.Osoba spravující systémovou agendu, Technická pracovnice pro výuku2204BA39N6037 (Q6.37)
Jurčík Radek, doc. JUDr. Ing., Ph.D.Academic staff - Associate Professor2641BA39N6012 (Q6.12)
Kelblová Hana, JUDr., Ph.D.Assistant Professor2205BA39N6034 (Q6.34)
Klvaňová Radka, Mgr., Ph.D.Assistant Professor2262BA39N6013 (Q6.13)
Konečný Štěpán, Mgr., Ph.D.Assistant Professor2631BA39N6032 (Q6.32)
Kyncl Libor, JUDr. Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor2258BA39N6029 (Q6.29)
Lakomý Martin, Mgr., Ph.D.Assistant Professor2258BA39N6029 (Q6.29)
Pavelek Ondřej, Bc. Mgr., Ph.D.Assistant Professor2203BA39N6030 (Q6.30)
Porkertová Hana, Mgr., Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Výzkumnice projektu III2259BA39N6031 (Q6.31)
Salachová Bohumila, JUDr., Ph.D.Assistant Professor2256BA39N6036 (Q6.36)
Stojanov Robert, Mgr. et Mgr., Ph.D.Researcher2236BA39N2038 (Q2.38)
Šerá Eva, Mgr.Academic staff - assistant2257BA39N6035 (Q6.35)
Vítek Bohumil, JUDr., Ph.D.Assistant Professor2256BA39N6036 (Q6.36)
Zajíčková Drahomíra, Ing.Researcher2259BA39N6031 (Q6.31)
External staff    
Baráková Blanka, JUDr., Ph.D.Contracted Worker, External Teacher2256BA39N6036 (Q6.36)
Brožovičová Klára, Mgr. et Mgr., Ph.D.Contracted Worker6327BN01N3027 (Z3.27)
Cebáková AndreaContracted
Cejpek Musilová Hana, Mgr. et Mgr. Bc.Contracted Worker2203BA39N6030 (Q6.30)
Cepl Miroslav, Ing. et Ing.External Teacher, Osoba spravující výpočetní techniku4047BA04N1042B (B1.42b)
Matějková Jitka, JUDr. Ing.External Teacher2257BA39N6035 (Q6.35)
Mervartová Jana, JUDr.External Teacher2631BA39N6032 (Q6.32)
Montenero Vincent, Ph.D.Contracted
Musilová Helena, Mgr. Bc.Contracted
Řešetková Dagmar, Ing., Ph.D.External
Zajíček Miroslav, Ing. Mgr., MBAContracted Worker, External
post-graduate students    
Černý Jiří, studentBA39N6013 (Q6.13)
Králíková Veronika,
Krejčová Aneta, studentBA39N6030 (Q6.30)

Other phone numbers

Other phone numbers are the phone numbers belonging to Department of Law and Social Sciences.

Fax2260BA39N2069 (Q2.69)Fax

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