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The office phone code for Department of Marketing and Trade is +420 545 13x xxx (Areál Brno - Černá Pole). Telephone numbers with different office phone codes are displayed in full format.

Staff list

Kubíčková Lea, doc. Ing., Ph.D.head of department, Academic staff - associate Professor2323BA39N3078 (Q3.78)
Vondrová OlgaTechnical worker for educational process2301BA39N3079 (Q3.79)
Anderlová Dorota, student, Technical worker for educational process2328BA39N3062 (Q3.62)
Antošová Irena, student, Technical worker for educational process2331BA39N3064 (Q3.64)
Drexler Denis, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor2332BA39N3063 (Q3.63)
Macková Michaela, Ing.Technical worker for educational process2325BA39N3084 (Q3.84)
Melichar Ondřej, Ing. Bc., Ph.D.Assistant Professor2330BA39N3082 (Q3.82)
Mokrý Stanislav, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Osoba spravující výpočetní techniku, Pracovník pro implementaci investic2332BA39N3063 (Q3.63)
Procházková Lenka, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor2324BA39N3083 (Q3.83)
Procházková Martina, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor2322BA39N3081 (Q3.81)
Prokeš Martin, Mgr. Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor2397BA39N3085 (Q3.85)
Ryglová Kateřina, doc. Ing., Ph.D.Academic staff - associate Professor2327BA39N3085 (Q3.85)
Stávková Jana, prof. Ing., CSc.Academic staff - university professor2300BA39N3066 (Q3.66)
Stojarová Šárka, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor2334BA39N3082 (Q3.82)
Turčínková Jana, doc. Ing., Ph.D.Academic staff - associate Professor2325BA39N3084 (Q3.84)
Tuzová Marcela, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor2326BA39N3080 (Q3.80)
Veselá Lucie, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor2326BA39N3080 (Q3.80)
Záboj Marek, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor2394BA39N3083 (Q3.83)
External staff    
Dobřický Josef, doc. Ing., CSc.External
Dokoupil Ivo, Mgr.External
Maroši Martin, Ing.Osoba spravující výpočetní
Mrkosová Klára, Ing.External
Ondrášková Klára, Ing.External
Peprný Aleš, Ing., Ph.D.External
Plešingerová Zuzana, Ing.External
Pospíšil Richard, doc. Ing., Ph.D.External
Pros Josef, PhDr.External
Velecká Veronika, Ing.External
post-graduate students    
Habánek Peter, student2331BA39N3064 (Q3.64)
Králiková Andrea,
Kubát Patrik,
Martišková Lenka, student2331BA39N3064 (Q3.64)
Nečas Igor, student2331BA39N3064 (Q3.64)
Pernica Jakub, student2331BA39N3064 (Q3.64)
Petr Aleš, student2328BA39N3062 (Q3.62)
Pšurný Michal, student2328BA39N3062 (Q3.62)
Rusina Ekaterina, student2322BA39N3081 (Q3.81)
Serebriannikov Mikhailpost-graduate student2328BA39N3062 (Q3.62)

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