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Staff list

Šmidrová Lenka, Ing.head of department, Study Department officer545 136 112BN01N1021 (Z1.21)
Čada Martin, Ing.Faculty Registrar545 136 307BN01N3007 (Z3.07)
Čechová Kateřina, Mgr.Referentka public relations545 136
Dolník Kateřina, DiS.Foreign relations officer545 136 345BN01N1021 (Z1.21)
Karber Vít, Bc.Správce a admin. inform. a kom. technol.545 136 276BN01N2076 (Z2.76)
Katolická ZdeňkaStudy Department officer545 136 121BN01N1021 (Z1.21)
Konečná KateřinaAdministrator projektu, Project manager545 136 309BN01N3009 (Z3.09)
Konopáč Vladimír, MSc.Technical worker for educational process545 136 666BN01N2076 (Z2.76)
Morávková LucieTechnical organization worker545 136 508BN01N3008 (Z3.08)
Slámová Kateřina, Ing.Technical organization worker545 136 306BN01N3006 (Z3.06)
External staff    
Krpec Oldřich, doc. Mgr. et Mgr., Ph.D.Contracted
Mifková Tatiana, Ing., Ph.D.Contracted
Peša Zdeněk, PaedDr.Contracted

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