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Staff list

Živělová Iva, prof. Ing., CSc.head of department, Academic staff - university professor545 136 404BN01N4004 (Z4.04)
Bečvářová Věra, prof. Ing., CSc.Academic staff - university professor545 136 407BN01N4007 (Z4.07)
Blažková Ivana, doc. Ing., Ph.D.Academic staff - associate Professor545 136 405BN01N4005 (Z4.05)
Daňková Barbora, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor545 136 408BN01N4008 (Z4.08)
Grega Libor, prof. Dr. Ing.Academic staff - university professor545 136 406BN01N4006 (Z4.06)
Chmelíková Gabriela, doc. Ing., Ph.D.Academic staff - associate Professor545 136 411BN01N4011 (Z4.11)
Miškolci Simona, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor545 136 407BN01N4007 (Z4.07)
Quartey Ebo Tawiah, Ing., Ph.D.Academic staff - assistant545 136 335BN01N3035 (Z3.35)
Rajchlová Jaroslava, doc. Ing., Ph.D.Academic staff - associate Professor545 136 403BN01N4003 (Z4.03)
Redlichová Radka, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor545 136 411BN01N4011 (Z4.11)
Somerlíková Kristina, doc. Ing., Ph.D.Academic staff - associate Professor545 136 401BN01N4001 (Z4.01)
Svatošová Veronika, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor545 136 403BN01N4003 (Z4.03)
Svobodová Eliška, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor545 136 410BN01N4010 (Z4.10)
Svobodová Zuzana, Ing.Academic staff - assistant545 136 532BN01N3032 (Z3.32)
Tamáš Vojtěch, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor545 136 335BN01N3035 (Z3.35)
Verter Nahanga, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor545 136 409BN01N4009 (Z4.09)
Zdráhal Ivo, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor545 136 409BN01N4009 (Z4.09)
External staff    
Bartušková Hana, Ing.Contracted Worker545 136 401BN01N4001 (Z4.01)
Bodečková Božena, Ing.External Teacher545 136 401BN01N4001 (Z4.01)
Brunclík Karel, Ing.External
Kafoněk Richard, Ing., Ph.D.External Teacher545 132 532BA39N5022 (Q5.22)
Lategan Francois, Dr.External
Lopez Garcia Jose Luis, prof.External
Máchal Pavel, doc. Ing., CSc., prof.h.c.External Teacher545 136 332BN01N3032 (Z3.32)
Tapachai Nirundon, prof. Dr.External
Tvrdoň Jozef, prof. Ing., Ph.D.External
Váleková Soňa, Ing.External Teacher545 136 408BN01N4008 (Z4.08)
post-graduate students    
Adamson Emmanuel Adu,
Dvořáková Denisa, Ing. et
Mansaray Sheku Kemoh, Ing.,
Vaněk Martin,

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