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The office phone code for Department of Plant Biology is +420 545 13x xxx (Areál Brno - Černá Pole). Telephone numbers with different office phone codes are displayed in full format.

Staff list

Hanáček Pavel, doc. Ing., Ph.D.head of department, Academic staff - Associate Professor3343BA03N6032 (C6.32)
Tichá Lenka, Bc.Technical organization worker3011BA03N6033 (C6.33)
Balla Jozef, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Researcher3020BA03N5025 (C5.25)
Đorđević Biljana, Ing., Ph.D.Metodická pracovnice pro výuku3012BA03N5031 (C5.31)
Grulichová Marie, student, Researcher6005BA03N5026 (C5.26)
Havel Ladislav, prof. RNDr., CSc.Academic staff - university professor3016BA03N5026 (C5.26)
Janáčová VeronikaTechnická pracovnice pro vědu a výzkum6067BA03N5014 (C5.14)
Jašková EliškaTechnical worker for educational process3347BA03N5041 (C5.41)
Jiroušek Martin, Mgr., Ph.D.Assistant Professor3039BA03N6039 (C6.39)
Kadlček Leoš, student, Researcher3021BA03N5024 (C5.24)
Kalousek Petr, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor3027BA03N6029 (C6.29)
Klemš Marek, RNDr. Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Researcher3296BA03P1077 (C01.77)
Lónová Kamila, Ing.Researcher3143BA03N6027 (C6.27)
Nevrtalová Eva, Ing., Ph.D.Researcher3506BA03N6032 (C6.32)
Sejbalová Darina, Ing.Researcher3505BA27N2040 (M2.40)
Smetanová Sabina, Bc.Technická pracovnice pro vědu a vý
Trojan Václav, MVDr. Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor3389BA03N6034 (C6.34)
Vyhnánek Tomáš, doc. Ing., Ph.D.Academic staff - Associate Professor3185BA03N5028 (C5.28)
Winkler Jan, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor6069BA03N6040 (C6.40)
Zdražílková Magda, Mgr., Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Technical worker for educational process6057BA03N6044 (C6.44)
External staff    
Čegan Radim, Ing., Ph.D.External
Hudzieczek Vojtěch, Ing.External
post-graduate students    
Agyei Thomaspost-graduate
Černý Martin,
Červenková Jana, student3147BA03N6041 (C6.41)
Hanusová Helena, student3147BA03N6041 (C6.41)
Hurajová Erika,
Petrželová Lenka,
Sedláková Veronika,
Štiasna Klára, student5251BA01N2018 (A2.18)
Uldrijan Dan, student3147BA03N6041 (C6.41)
Vykydalová Lucie, Ing. et

Other phone numbers

Other phone numbers are the phone numbers belonging to Department of Plant Biology.

laboratoř3040BA01N4036 (A4.36)Phone

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