Department of Accounting and Taxes (FBE) - telephone directory

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The office phone code for Department of Accounting and Taxes is +420 545 13x xxx (Areál Brno - Černá Pole). Telephone numbers with different office phone codes are displayed in full format.

Staff list

Nerudová Danuše, prof. Ing., Ph.D.head of department, Academic staff - university professor5004BA39N3095 (Q3.95)
Ortcikrová IrenaOrganizačně technická pracovnice2303BA39N3094 (Q3.94)
Andrlík Břetislav, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor2345BA39N3088 (Q3.88)
Bohušová Hana, doc. Ing., Ph.D.Academic staff - associate Professor2305BA39N3090 (Q3.90)
David Petr, doc. Ing., Ph.D.Academic staff - Associate Professor2346BA39N3093 (Q3.93)
Dobranschi Marian, Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Vědecko-výzkumný pracovník Postdoktorand2338BA39N3067 (Q3.67)
Formanová Lucie, Mgr. Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor2347BA39N3089 (Q3.89)
Gláserová Jana, Dr. Ing.Assistant Professor2344BA39N3087 (Q3.87)
Grásgruber Miloš, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Osoba spravující výpočetní techniku2351BA39N3091 (Q3.91)
Krchnivá Kateřina, Ing., Ph.D.Technical worker for educational process2337BA39N3087 (Q3.87)
Ostřížek František, Ing.Researcher2729BA39N2070 (Q2.70)
Otavová Milena, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor2304BA39N3068 (Q3.68)
Ptáčková Mísařová Petra, Ing., Ph.D.Researcher2342BA39N3086 (Q3.86)
Semerád Pavel, Ing. et Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor2335BA39N3067 (Q3.67)
Solilová Veronika, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Researcher2349BA39N3090 (Q3.90)
Svoboda Patrik, doc. Ing., Ph.D.Academic staff - Associate Professor2352BA39N3092 (Q3.92)
External staff    
Bobek Vladimír, Ing.External Teacher2340BA39N3069 (Q3.69)
Pantůček Igor, Ing.External Teacher2340BA39N3069 (Q3.69)
Trubač Ondřej, JUDr., Ph.D., LL.M.External
post-graduate students    
Habanec Petr, student2339BA39N3069 (Q3.69)
Kedroň Martin, Ing., student2348BA39N3089 (Q3.89)
Mansulu Abdulpost-graduate

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