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The office phone code for Department of Territorial Studies is not known. Phone numbers are in the full format.

Staff list

Modrá Helena, doc. MVDr., Ph.D.head of department, Academic staff - associate Professor
545 136 320
BN01N3020 (Z3.20)
Academic staff - Associate Professor
Academic staff - Associate Professor545 136 313
BN01N3013 (Z3.13)
Assistant Professor
545 136 312
BA01N2081 (A2.81)
Assistant Professor
545 136 318
BN01N3018 (Z3.18)
Hrabálek Martin, Mgr., Ph.D.Assistant Professor
545 136 310
BN01N3010 (Z3.10)
Academic staff - assistant
545 136 322
BN01N3022 (Z3.22)
Mocek Ondřej, Mgr., Ph.D.Assistant Professor545 136 311
BN01N3011 (Z3.11)
Academic staff - university professor
545 136 319
BN01N3019 (Z3.19)
Academic staff - assistant
545 136 318
BN01N3018 (Z3.18)
Výzkumník projektu I
545 136 408BN01N4008 (Z4.08)
Assistant Professor545 136 310BN01N3010 (Z3.10)
Turcsányi Richard, Mgr. Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor545 136 318
BN01N3018 (Z3.18)
Zourek Michal, Mgr., Ph.D.Assistant Professor
545 136 322
BN01N3022 (Z3.22)
External staff
Baranyiova Eva, prof. Mgr., CSc.Contracted Worker
Mintah Samuel, Ing. Bc.External Teacher
External Teacher
Polišenský Jan
Contracted Worker
Tůma Antonín, RNDr.Contracted Worker
Ulmann VítContracted Worker
Contracted Worker

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