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The office phone code for Department of Economics is +420 545 13x xxx (Areál Brno - Černá Pole). Telephone numbers with different office phone codes are displayed in full format.

Staff list

Rozmahel Petr, doc. Ing., Ph.D.head of department, Academic staff - Associate Professor2605BA39N5052 (Q5.52)
Haluzová Aneta, Bc. et Bc.Osoba spravující systémovou agendu, Technical worker for educational process2504BA39N5053 (Q5.53)
Dušková Jitka, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor, External Teacher2505BA39N5050 (Q5.50)
Franc Aleš, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor2543BA39N5028 (Q5.28)
Fuchs Kamil, prof. PhDr., CSc.Academic staff - university professor2558BA39N5051 (Q5.51)
Issever Grochová Ladislava, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor2555BA39N5049 (Q5.49)
Kajurová Veronika, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor2506BA39N5049 (Q5.49)
Kouba Luděk, doc. Ing., Ph.D.Academic staff - Associate Professor2554BA39N5048 (Q5.48)
Litzman Marek, Bc. Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Osoba spravující systémovou agendu, Osoba spravující výpočetní techniku2545BA39N5045 (Q5.45)
Mádr Michal, Ing., Ph.D.Assistant Professor2544BA39N5045 (Q5.45)
Machay Martin, Ing. Bc., Ph.D.Assistant Professor2550BA39N5047 (Q5.47)
Náplava Radek, student, Technical worker for educational process2547BA39N5046 (Q5.46)
Nchor Dennis, Ing., MSc., Ph.D.Assistant Professor2541BA39N5027 (Q5.27)
External staff    
Braunerová Šárka, Ing.External Teacher2799BA39N1092 (Q1.92)
Maksymovych Sergii, M.A.External Teacher2541BA39N5027 (Q5.27)
Manová Michaela, Ing.External Teacher2799BA39N1092 (Q1.92)
Muroň Mikuláš, Ing.Osoba spravující výpočetní techniku2262BA39N6013 (Q6.13)
Pospíšil Karel, prof. Ing., Ph.D., MBAExternal
post-graduate students    
Agboga Richard Selasepost-graduate
Mahmud Anyarspost-graduate

Other phone numbers

Other phone numbers are the phone numbers belonging to Department of Economics.

Zasedací místnost ústavu2546BA39N5035 (Q5.35)Phone

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