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Agricultural Production, Trade and Economic Growth in the Sub-Saharan African (SSA) Countries (FRMMS - IGA - 2016/012)20162017IGAN. VerterDL FRDIS
Cyril and Methodius Route for Developing Cultural Activities and Cultural Tourism (22410120061)20142015OPM. HorákDL FRDIS
Effectiveness of the community treatment of drug addiction in cross-cultural perspective (3/2015)20152015IGAM. HorákDL FRDIS
Environmentální a socioekonomické aspekty ekologického zemědělství v mikroregionu Ořechov2014--IGAE. SapákováDL FRDIS
Exotic Tourism in the Czech Republic (FRRMS_IGA_2018/001)20182018IGAM. HorákDL FRDIS
Global Survey of Ayahuasca drinking: practices, beliefs and reported effects on health and wellbeing (1545143.3)20182019OtherM. HorákDL FRDIS
Glocalization of Traditional Amazonian Medicine in the Czech Republic and Its Possible Therapeutic Applications in Local Conditions (FRRMS - IGA - 2016/003)20162016IGAM. HorákDL FRDIS
Implementation of the Course Professional Spanish Terminology in the Study Program International Territorial Studies at FRDIS MENDELU (B-1506)20152015RPM. HorákDL FRDIS
Innovation of Language Education at the Department of Languages and Cultural Studies FRDIS MENDELU (13.8)20142014RPM. HorákDL FRDIS
Proměny genderu jako sociokulturního fenoménu (SP3151291)2015--IGAK. KedronDL FRDIS
Research on Retention of Inpatients in Therapeutic Communities in the Czech Republic, Peru, and Nicaragua (2/2014)20142014IGAM. HorákDL FRDIS
Sociocultural Aspects of Drug Addiction Treatment (FRRMS_IGA_2017/002)20172017IGAM. HorákDL FRDIS
Sustainable agriculture and economic growth in developing countries (IGA FRRMS MENDELU 18/2015 )20152016IGAN. VerterDL FRDIS
The influence of sugar overconsumption on the cognitive functions of univesity students20162016IGAE. SapákováDL FRDIS
United for the Development of the Amazon (2018-1-CZ01-KA108-060643)20192020OtherM. HorákDL FRDIS

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