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Basic information

Type of work:
Dissertation thesis
New methods of interaction with digital information in augmented reality
State of topic:
approved (prof. Ing. Cyril Klimeš, CSc. - head of department)
Thesis supervisor:
doc. Ing. František Dařena, Ph.D.
Faculty of Business and Economics
Supervising department:
Department of Informatics - FBE
Max. no. of students:
Proposed by:
doc. Ing. František Dařena, Ph.D.
Augmented reality is a rapidly evolving type of user interface that has the potential to increase the user-friendliness of interacting with machines or digital information in general. The technological development of augmented reality hardware enables its deployment in a number of relatively common applications, such as decision support, machine maintenance, production, agriculture, etc. However, one of the key shortcomings of augmented reality is the manipulation with the transmitted information. Manipulation by visual gestures is very limited. Voice control is not reliable and cannot be used in noisy environments or when working with confidential information. The dissertation will be focused on finding new methods of interaction with digital information that would increase user comfort and offer a wider range of interaction possibilities.

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