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Basic information

Type of work: Dissertation thesis
Topic: Forest carbon exchange derived by different means
State of topic: approved (Ing. Jan Světlík, Ph.D. - head of department)
Thesis supervisor: Mgr. Marian Pavelka, Ph.D.
Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology
Supervising department: Department of Forest Ecology - FFWT
Max. no. of students:
Proposed by: Mgr. Marian Pavelka, Ph.D.
Detailed knowledge about the amount of carbon exchanged by forests is important not only for the forestry but also in the context of global climate change as forests have the capacity to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Different methods exist to determine the forest carbon exchange, two of them are biomass inventory and the eddy covariance method. The first determines directly the change in biomass of the components of a forest ecosystem, while the latter measures the CO2 fluxes between the atmosphere and a forest ecosystem and then deducts if a forest is a carbon sink or a carbon source. The aim of this study is to determine the forest carbon exchange with the two mentioned methods at two contrasting forest ecosystems, a spruce forest monoculture in mountainous terrain on the one side and a deciduous lowland floodplain forest on the other side. Methodological advantages and limits shall be investigated in detail and predictions shall be derived how the carbon exchange behaviour of the two studied forests may develop in the course of ongoing climate change.

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D-KRAJ Landscape Engineering
D-LAND-FECOL Forest Ecology
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