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Basic information

Type of work:
Diploma thesis
The effects of devolution on sustainable development in Kenya
State of topic:
approved (doc. Ing. Petr Rozmahel, Ph.D. - head of department)
Thesis supervisor:
Ing. Ladislava Issever Grochová, Ph.D.
Faculty of Business and Economics
Supervising department:
Department of Economics - FBE
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Kenyans expect devolution to have a significant impact on social and economic development in Kenya. According to the 2010 Constitution of Kenya, devolution main aim was promoting social and economic development by devolving funds to the grass root level. Moreover, Kenya officially began the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals in 2005 which later transformed to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It is based on global Sustainable Development Goals, which integrate the economic, social, environmental dimensions of sustainable development. The aim of the thesis is then to show the impact of devolution on sustainable economic development in Kenya, and to give recommendation to the policy makers on ways to manage the devolved funds for a sustainable development.

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