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Why Scots pine die in Czech forests but thrive in a dry Russian steppe? Ecophysiological causes and dendrochronological manifestations of drought.
Stav tématu: schváleno (prof. Dr. Ing. Petr Maděra - vedoucí pracoviště)
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Fakulta: Lesnická a dřevařská fakulta
Garantující pracoviště: Ústav lesnické botaniky, dendrologie a geobiocenologie (LDF)
Max. počet studentů:--
Unprecedented dieback of Scots pines occurred recently in Czech forests, after several years of declining vitality. The supposed reason is many years long drought which predisposed the trees to fungal attack. On the other hand, pine thrives in dry Russian forest steppe. By the combination of dendrochronological (including quantitative wood anatomy) and ecophysiological approaches, we will estimate how drought affects Scots pine vitality and how this mirrors in the cell morphology. The morphology of tracheids will improve the temporal resolution of estimations of duration and intensity of drought. Comparing sites in Czechia and in Russia will unveil environmental plasticity in adaptations of Scots pine to drought. Outputs of the manipulative experiments in the greenhouse and in the forest will be used to calibrate a dendrochronological model. We will use wood cores and the VS model to estimate when and under which environmental conditions the dieback started at various places of the Czech Republic attempting to define limits of Scots pine’s tolerance to increasing levels of drought.

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