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Basic information

Type of work:
Diploma thesis
Řebříček-hodnocení genofondu léčivých rostlin
State of topic:
approved (prof. Ing. Robert Pokluda, Ph.D. - head of department)
Thesis supervisor:
Faculty: Faculty of Horticulture
Supervising department:
Department of Vegetable Growing and Floriculture - FH
Max. no. of students:
Proposed by:
Summary: Vybrané položky genofondu řebříčku (Achillea L.) budou popisovány a hodnoceny podle sady deskriptorů. Cílem DP je ověřit objektivitu deskriptorů (znaků) hodnocených mikroskopicky.

Limitations of the topic

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Restrictions by study
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C-HEN Horticulture engineeringNH Horticulture

Limit to courses
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Course title
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