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Basic information

Type of work: Diploma thesis
Analysis of different methodologies to cure viruses in isolates of the oomycetes Phytophthora and Halophytophthora
State of topic: approved (prof. Dr. Ing. Libor Jankovský - head of department)
Thesis supervisor: Dr. Leticia Botella Sánchez
Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology
Supervising department: Department of Forest Protection and Wildlife Management - FFWT
Max. no. of students:1
Proposed by:
Dr. Leticia Botella Sánchez
Different species of Phytophthora and Halophytophthora have been shown to host viruses in our laboratory. However, to really understand the role of these viruses and its potential efficiency as Biological control Agents (BCA) against Phytophthora and Halophytophthora it is necessary to first compare the growth rate and phenotypic variations of natural and isogenic virus-free isolates with virus-hosting isolates. The student involved in this research will perform an in vitro experiment in order to assess the effectivity of different protocols to cure the viruses. Also, he or she will work in an international research team and will have the opportunity to improve his or her English skills.

There are no limitations of the topic