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Název tématu: Development of microfluidic Lab-on-a-chip exploiting magnetic nanoparticles for biogenic amines.
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Ústav chemie a biochemie (AF)
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Navrhl: prof. RNDr. Vojtěch Adam, Ph.D.
For more than a decade, it has been expected that microfluidic technology would revolutionize the industry with simple, inexpensive, effective, and ubiquitous miniature diagnostic devices. To date, however, microfluidics has not yet been able to live up to these expectations. Despite tremendous progress in the field in the past decade, it seems that microfluidics has yet to live up to these expectations. The aim is to raise the new solution for design a fast and low-cost method based on microfluidic platform for biogenic amines identification employing magnetic isolation and electrochemical determination. Biologically active amine is normally present in the body and it is involved in a local regulation of physiological processes. It occurs in food as a product of microbial decarboxylation of the amino acid, and the ingestion of foods that contain high levels of amines can lead to poisoning. Hence, the presence of this biogenic amine is considered as an indicator of food spoilage.

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