Prehľad vypísaných tém - Ústav teritoriálních studií (FRRMS)

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Typ práce:
Diplomová práca
Názov témy:
Volunteer tourism
Stav témy:
schválené (doc. MVDr. Helena Modrá, Ph.D. - vedúci pracoviska)
Vedúci práce:
Fakulta: Fakulta regionálního rozvoje a mezinárodních studií
Ústav teritoriálních studií - FRRMS
Max. počet študentov:--
Ing. Dominik Koršala
In recent decades developing countries have noticed a marvellous increase in the popularity of international volunteering. More and more youth have been setting off the road of education, humanitarian aid, social support and a great number of other noble objectives. No matter how heroic the aims and ideas of the international development might be, what matters are the real effects experienced by recipients of the aid. As the academic research and literature makes clear, the international aid is too often unable to meet the original aims and promises. Drawing on an ethnographic method of participant observation fieldwork together with a close reading of the contemporary debates surrounding the anthropology of development and anthropology of humanitarianism I will study the actual effects of such a volunteering for volunteers as well as for recipients. I will also examine the promises the volunteer industry generates. Thus, the methodological design will be based on the multi-sited ethnography.

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