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Název tématu: Plant Responses to Combined Abiotic Stresses – Omics Perspective
Stav tématu:
schváleno (prof. RNDr. Břetislav Brzobohatý, CSc. - vedoucí pracoviště)
Vedoucí práce: prof. RNDr. Břetislav Brzobohatý, CSc.
Agronomická fakulta
Garantující pracoviště:
Ústav molekulární biologie a radiobiologie (AF)
Max. počet studentů:
prof. RNDr. Břetislav Brzobohatý, CSc.
Abstrakt: Sustaining agricultural production in a rapidly changing climate requires a detailed knowledge of the molecular basis of plant-environment interactions. As hormones play a crucial role in modulating plant responses to environmental cues, hormonal control of plant responses to environmental cues is receiving ever growing attention. A key role of a plant hormone cytokinin in these modulations is emerging. While components of signalling circuits of cytokinin and light have been largely uncovered, those of other environmental factors, e.g. temperature and drought, are only being elucidated. Consequently, our knowledge of mutual interactions of cytokinin and combined abiotic stresses, and their projection into particular phenotypes represents an area of intense current and future research. A number of tools now available to alter cytokinin levels and responsiveness in combination with transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics and phenomics analyses will be employed to deepen our knowledge of this subject. Work will focus mainly on the interactions of cytokinin, temperature and drought pathways. In future, the knowledge obtained is expected to be employed to engineer plants with desired responses to environmental cues via synthetic biology approaches.

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