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Basic information

Type of work:
Diploma thesis
Topic: Automatic computing of competition indices as a base for modelling interactions between trees
State of topic:
approved (doc. Ing. Martin Klimánek, Ph.D. - head of department)
Thesis supervisor:
Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology
Supervising department: Department of Forest Management and Applied Geoinformatics - FFWT
Max. no. of students:
Proposed by:
Computing of competition indices is a part of growth simlators. Competition index is a number expressing competition pressure of neighbouring trees on a tree whose growth is to be modelled. Practically, studying competition between trees is firts step to design silvicultural treatment of mixed stands. The aim of the work is to set up a procedure computing a number of various competition indices in an approproate programming environment. This work requires intermediate prgramming skills, Visual Basic or R environment are preferred.

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C-EUFO European Forestry
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