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Typ práce: Diplomová práce
Název tématu:
Mongolia: economic miracle or another case of resource curse?
Stav tématu:
schváleno (doc. MVDr. Helena Modrá, Ph.D. - vedoucí pracoviště)
Vedoucí práce:
Provozně ekonomická fakulta
Ústav teritoriálních studií (FRRMS)
Max. počet studentů:
Ing. Jiří Mičánek
Mongolia is the most sparsely populated country in the world. It has been known as a nomadic country for a long time and its main sources of income were agriculture and tourism. Only in the last 10 years, there were successful explorations of mineral resources such as copper, coal and gold laying under uninhabited areas of Mongolia. These explorations resulted into huge mining boom which fueled Mongolia’s extremely fast GDP growth in the years from 2005 until now reaching values from 7-13 % per year. It is now the second fastest growing economy in the world. But the problem is that this growth is solely created by resource export. There has been quite a lot of cases of countries in our history, whose over-dependency on mineral resources did not led to stable economic growth and distribution of wealth trough the society, but led the country to even greater poverty, corruption, uneven distribution of wealth, conflicts and lowering of living standards. This situation is often called paradox of plenty or a resource curse. In my diploma thesis I would like to create a systematic analysis of Mongolia’s future economic development factors, which are now entirely related to the mining sector. I plan to describe its main opportunities and threats and I would like to try to make recommendations based on theoretical foundations and also historical or current examples in foreign countries. As a basis of my diploma thesis I want to create a literature research of a resource curse topic in theoretical foundations and trough describing some historical examples of resource cursed countries. I would then select and emphasize some of its most important attributes and symptoms which I would later compare to the Mongolian development.

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