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Ing. Petr Čech, Ph.D.
Identification number: 9492
University e-mail: petr.cech [at]
Assistant Professor - Department of Furniture, Design and Habitat (FFWT)
Osoba spravující výpočetní techniku - Department of Furniture, Design and Habitat (FFWT)
Externí pracovník, spolupracovník - Testing Room of Furniture (FFWT)

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Basic information

Basic information about a final thesis

Type of thesis:
Dissertation thesis
Thesis title:
The influence of technology, composite materials and finishing technique on VOC emissions emitted by furniture
Written by (author):
Department: Department of Furniture, Design and Habitat (FFWT)
Thesis supervisor: doc. Ing. Daniela Tesařová, Ph.D.
Opponent 1:
Ing. Rudolf Beran
Opponent 2:
prof. Ing. arch. Jindřich Halabala, CSc.
Opponent 3:
doc. Ing. Ján Sedliačik, Ph.D.
Final thesis progress:
Final thesis was successfully defended.

Additional information

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Language of final thesis:Czech

Czech        English

Title of the thesis:
The influence of technology, composite materials and finishing technique on VOC emissions emitted by furniture
This Ph.D. thesis focuses on the influence of used technology, composite materials and dry finishing technique (made by coating technology with a use of resin impregnated paper) on VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions emitted from furniture. An attention of this thesis is especially put on mentioned factors and on quantity of instant and long-term VOCs emissions emitted from furniture components. The amount of emissions from furniture components, in different phases of the preparation including the resin impregnated paper coating finish, was monitored within the time intervals of 24, 72 and 672 hours starting after the time of the finis preparation. The MDF (medium density fibreboard) coated by resin impregnated paper was used for the furniture components' production. A compressed wood was used as a second material of furniture components. This alternative material was covered by resin impregnated paper and than sequentially finished by regular coat of finish. Hot meld, urea formaldehyde, polyvinyl acetate and solvent caoutchouc adhesives were tested from adhesive compounds. A relation of mentioned factors and comparison of wrapping and liquid finishing technique on quantitative and qualitative composition of VOCs is the result of this Ph.D. thesis. The examination of physical and mechanical properties of all tested finish coats is the goal of this work as well
Key words:
VOCs emissions, Medium density fibreboard, adhesive, coating technique, GC/MS, resin impregnated paper

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