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Ing. Katarína Soušková
Identification number: 69043
University e-mail: katarina.souskova [at]
Výzkumník projektu II - Department of Animal Breeding (FA)
P 41 03  Animal Breeding D-AP
FA D-AP-SAP pres [year 3]
Doctor type of study, full-time form
Applied Animal Breeding, 3rd year of study
B 75 07  Specialisation in pedagogy B-SP
ILE B-SP-UOP comb [term 3, year 2]
Bachelor type of study, part-time form
Teaching Specialized Subjects, 2nd year of study / 3rd semester of study


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User forwards the university mail to a different address (souskovakatarina [at]
Office phone number:+420 545 133 220
Office address:
DAB FA, Zemědělská 1, 61300 Brno - budova A
Office number:
BA01N1092 (A1.92)
E-mail:souskovakatarina [at]