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Ing. Mgr. Jiří Čeněk, Ph.D.
Identification number: 47871
University e-mail: jiri.cenek [at]
External Teacher - Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology (MENDELU)

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Type of thesis:
Diploma thesis
Thesis title:
The barriers of social integration of Vietnamese migrants in Czech society: Empirical study from Brno
Written by (author): BcA. Huong Pham Thu
Department: Department of Social Studies (FRDIS)
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Final thesis is submitted

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Title of the thesis:The barriers of social integration of Vietnamese migrants in Czech society: Empirical study from Brno
The Vietnamese community is one of the largest ethnic groups in the Czech Republic. However, they seem to be a closed group and their operations have not permeated much into Czech Republic society. Therefore, this diploma thesis would like to explore the barriers to social integration encountered by Vietnamese migrants in Brno, the Czech Republic. To identify the barriers, the study used two surveys: an online survey via Google Forms and a fieldwork survey to gather information from 150 Vietnamese migrants in Brno. The results of the surveys indicate that Czech language proficiency and length of stay are the most common individual barriers to the six dimensions of social integration of Vietnamese migrants in this study. To many respondents, non-recognition of qualifications/degrees is a major structural barrier to finding a job in Brno. Lack of policies and support from the Czech government are structural barriers to reuniting with family members, get residence permits, and participate in Czech politics of respondents. Last but not the least, discrimination seems to be a common barrier to accessing employment opportunities, housing, educational programs, healthcare services, and political participation of respondents. These structural barriers lead to the slower social integration of these people into Czech society. In fact, while the individual barriers can be removed by the migrants themselves, structural barriers need to be removed by the government with migrant-friendly policies. Removal of these barriers could have tremendous positive effects on the Vietnamese migrant community as well as on the host society.
Key words:
Social integration, Individual barriers, Migrants, Structural barriers

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