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Ing. Sylvie Formánková, Ph.D. (née Gurská)
Identification number: 4780
University e-mail: sylvie.formankova [at]
Assistant Professor - Department of Management (FBE)
Researcher - Department of Informatics (FBE)

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FORMÁNKOVÁ, S. -- RAŠOVSKÁ, I. -- RYGLOVÁ, K. -- CHLÁDKOVÁ, H. -- STOJANOVÁ, H. -- ANDRAŠKO, I. Achieving Quality and Sustainability in the Czech Business Environment. 1st ed. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018. 102 p. ISBN 978-1-5275-0545-2.

Original name: Achieving Quality and Sustainability in the Czech Business Environment
Czech name:
Written by (author): Ing. Sylvie Formánková, Ph.D.
doc. Ing. Ida Rašovská, Ph.D.
doc. Ing. Kateřina Ryglová, Ph.D.
doc. Ing. Helena Chládková, Ph.D.
Ing. Hana Stojanová, Ph.D.
Mgr. Ivan Andraško, PhD.
Department: Department of Management
Kind of publication: professional book
ISBN: 978-1-5275-0545-2
Type of publisher: renowned publishing house
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Place of publishing: Newcastle upon Tyne
Country: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Form of publication: printed version
Issue and volume number:
Year of publication: 2018
Issue number: 1
Number of pages: 102
UT code by Web of Science:
EID code by Scopus:
Original language: English
Description in original language: This book represents a tool for comparative analysis and a source for case studies for researchers and academics dealing with the business environment. It offers insights into the Czech business environment in the case of starting business in this country or being a potential investor or customer. It explores various facets of the Czech business environment, focusing on the quality and sustainability factors that influence Czech industries. The first part of the book presents the importance of quality and sustainability in business, before the second part explores these ideas in practice through the use of case studies from two different industries, namely the gambling and betting industry and the tourism industry. Since more than 99% of European and Czech companies are small and medium-sized, the book devotes particular attention to the specifics of such organisations.
Description in English:
Description in Czech:
Field of result: AE
Year of submission: 2018
Year of transmission:
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Entry made by: Kateřina Šebková, DiS.
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