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Ing. Lukáš Karas
Identification number: 39009
University e-mail: lukas.karas [at]
P 15 07  Botany D-BOTA
FFWT D-BOTA-FOPHY pres [interrupted]
Doctor type of study, full-time form
Forest Phytology, interrupted study

Final thesis

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Title of the thesis
Tvorba didaktických pomůcek SŠILE B-SP-UOP comb [term 2, year 1]
Forest soils and climatic parameters: the interrelationship between climatic features and chosen soil properties from the viewpoint of changes of air temperatures and precipitations
FFWT C-EUFO-EUFO pres [term 4, year 2]
Ethnoflora a taxonomie rodu Croton L. (Euphorbiaceae)
FFWT B-FOR-TROP pres [term 8, year 3]
Možnosti generativního množení Boswellia sacra v Ománu
FFWT D-BOTA-FOPHY pres [year 4]