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Bc. Henrieta Ďatková
Identification number: 38809
University e-mail: henrieta.datkova [at]
Administrátorka projektu - Department of Forest Protection and Wildlife Management (FFWT)
P0511D030019  Forest Phytopatology and Mycology D-LFM
FFWT D-LFM pres [year 1]
Doctor type of study, full-time form
1st year of study

Final thesis

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Title of the thesis
Změny biologie klíněnky jírovcové (Cameraria ohridella) po 20 letech invaze
FA B-PPR-PPR pres [term 4, year 2]
Změny biologie klíněnky jírovcové (Cameraria ohridella) po 20 letech invazeFA B-PPR-PPR pres [term 3, year 2]
Investigations of the lifestyle, the ecological role and the breeding system of the new oomycete genus Nothophytophthora
FFWT D-LFM pres [year 1]
Phytophthora diversity in forest streams of Moravia and Slovakia
FA C-PM-PM pres [term 6, year 2]