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prof. Ing. Jiří Kulhavý, CSc.
Identification number: 3470
University e-mail: kulhavy [at]
Contracted Worker - Department of Forest Ecology (FFWT)
External Access - Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology (MENDELU)

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Basic information

Basic information about a final thesis

Type of thesis: Dissertation thesis
Thesis title:An analysis of the effect of climate and atmospheric deposition on forest health conditions in the territory of the Jizerské hory Mts. natural forest region
Written by (author): RNDr. Pavel Hadaš, Ph.D.
Department: Department of Forest Ecology (FFWT)
Thesis supervisor: prof. Ing. Jiří Kulhavý, CSc.
Opponent 1:doc. RNDr. Bohumír Lomský, CSc.
Opponent 2:RNDr. Ing. Jaroslav Rožnovský, CSc.
Opponent 3:prof. Ing. Jaroslav Škvarenina, CSc.
Final thesis progress:Final thesis was successfully defended.

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Language of final thesis:English

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Title of the thesis:An analysis of the effect of climate and atmospheric deposition on forest health conditions in the territory of the Jizerské hory Mts. natural forest region
Summary:The aim of this paper is to analyze the causal relationship between the abiotic environment and forest health conditions in the Jizerské hory Mts natural forest region (NFR) The analysis is based on the hypothesis that health conditions are the result of draining the resistance potential of forest ecosystems, as current air pollution loads in the form of atmospheric deposition of sulphur and nitrogen in combination with climate oscillations (changes in temperature and the moisture regime) and ground-level (tropospheric) ozone conditions cause their damage. In order to comprehend and understand the potential effect of the pollutants SO2 and NOx and climate stressors on forest ecosystems we need to acquire a substantial amount of data about the abiotic environment in territories in which these data have not been measured. Therefore data about temperature conditions, water balance, solar radiation, ozone concentrations, and deposition flows of sulphur, nitrogen and hydrogen ions were derived through model applications and interpolation techniques. For working out multidimensional data, common analytical and statistical procedures cannot be used; instead it is necessary to use geostatic methods based on the application of multidimensional methods. The analysis of forest health conditions (as expressed by defoliation) and the parameters of the abiotic environment of forest stands was conducted based on the application of simple and multidimensional regression and correlation analyses. Based on the application of cluster analysis it was possible to define the spatial arrangement of five areas of potential susceptibility to forest stand damage. A model explaining defoliation and forest stand conditions was compiled for each area of potential susceptibility from the results of the multiple correlation and regression.
Key words:defoliation, climate stress, ulphur deposition, nitrogen deposition, hydrogen ion deposition, correlation, regression and cluster analysis, areas of potential susceptibility to forest stand damage, Jizerské hory Mts.

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