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prof. RNDr. Ladislav Havel, CSc.
Identification number: 2986
University e-mail: ladislav.havel [at]
Academic staff - university professor - Department of Plant Biology (FA)
Head of department - Department of Plant Biology (FA)
External Teacher - Faculty of Horticulture
External Instructor - Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology

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The selected person runs the following courses in the current period.

CodeCourseDepartmentStudy periodRole
Z-AMORAnatomy and Morphology of PlantsFASS 2017/2018
D-BOBotanyFH2017/2018 - post-graduate studies
BO2Botany IIFHSS 2017/2018
CYTCytologyFASS 2017/2018
ODDPDoctoral Dissertation ThesisFA2017/2018 - post-graduate studies
EMO-DExperimental morphologyFA2017/2018 - post-graduate studies
EXPMExperimental MorphologyFASS 2017/2018
HORMHormonologyFASS 2017/2018
MTZPMethodology thesesFASS 2017/2018
PERTKPermaculture techniquesFASS 2017/2018
AMR-DPlant Anatomy and MorphologyFA2017/2018 - post-graduate studies
AMORPlant Anatomy and MorphologyFASS 2017/2018
Z-AFYRPlant Anatomy and PhysiologyFASS 2017/2018
AFYRPlant Anatomy and PhysiologyFASS 2017/2018
BIORB-DPlant cell biologyFA2017/2018 - post-graduate studies
D-FRZPlant PhysiologyFH2017/2018 - post-graduate studies
FRVR-DPlant PhysiologyFA2017/2018 - post-graduate studies
KFRPlant PhysiologyFHSS 2017/2018
FROPlant PhysiologyFHSS 2017/2018
PSEMPlant secondary metabolitesFASS 2017/2018
D-REPlant Tissue CulturesFH2017/2018 - post-graduate studies
RBIPPractical Applications of Plant BiotechnologiesFASS 2017/2018
SYBSystematic BotanyFASS 2017/2018
SYBKSystematic Botany KFASS 2017/2018
ODSF2Technical Seminary IIFASS 2017/2018
ODSF4Technical Seminary IVFASS 2017/2018
ODSF6Technical Seminary VIFASS 2017/2018

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