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Mgr. Petr Strejček, Ph.D., MBA
Identification number: 26514
University e-mail: petr.strejcek [at]
Assistant Professor - Department of Finance (FBE)

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1.The Influence of Financial Crisis on Polarisation of Politics in Greece
Rolník, Ondřej -- Strejček, Petr
The Influence of Financial Crisis on Polarisation of Politics in Greece. In HAMPEL, D. PEFnet 2019: Abstracts. 1st ed. Brno: Mendelova univerzita v Brně, 2019, p. 115--116. ISBN 978-80-7509-692-0.
abstract of an article in anthology2019Details
2.What is the real impact of oil on the economies of the Gulf States?
Kubinec, Kryštof -- Strejček, Petr
Jaký je reálný vliv cen ropy na ekonomiky států Perského zálivu?. Energetika. 2019. v. 69, p. 63--68. ISSN 0375-8842.
article in a professional periodical2019Details

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