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Ing. Peter Haninec
Identification number: 25902
P 41 02  Plant Production D-PP
FA D-PP-SPP pres [year 4]
Doctor type of study, full-time form
Special Plant Production, 4th year of study
P 15 07  Botany D-BOTA
FFWT D-BOTA-FOPHY pres [interrupted]
Doctor type of study, full-time form
Forest Phytology, interrupted study

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Office phone number:
+420 545 134 052
Office address:
ÚVZP FA, Zemědělská 1, 61300 Brno - budova C
Office number:
BA04N6073 (B6.73)
E-mail:peterhaninec [at]
Mob. 00420 737 085 112

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