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Ing. Stratos Zerdaloglu
Identification number: 22004
University e-mail: stratos.zerdaloglu [at]
Head of institute - Department of Information Technology (CUD)
Technical worker for educational process - Department of Informatics (FBE)
Head of department - Department of Information Technology (CUD)
System Integrator - Mendel University in Brno

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The selected person is an official solver of the following projects.

StateOrd.Project titleSupervisorTypeOfficial rolesSinceUntil
1 Projektové webové stránkyI. VyskočilInternal--02.06.2009
2      Ústav 291I. VyskočilInternal--07.07.2009
3            DAF_archivyS. ZerdalogluInternalsupervisor17.01.2016
4            DAF_imageS. ZerdalogluInternalsupervisor17.01.2016
5      Ústav 962M. TyllichInternal--03.03.2010
6            Kaspersky - instalaceS. ZerdalogluInternalsupervisor02.01.2016
7      Ústav 981M. GavalcováInternal--12.08.2011
8            Dokumenty na podpisS. ZerdalogluInternalsupervisor08.12.2014
9            Zálohování digitálních dokumentůS. ZerdalogluInternalsupervisor10.09.2012
10 Rozpočet 1502S. ZerdalogluAKTIONsupervisor12.03.2018
11 Rozpočet 2014S. ZerdalogluInternalsupervisor30.03.2014
12 Rozpočet 2015S. ZerdalogluInternalsupervisor23.02.2015
13      IP 2015S. ZerdalogluInternalsupervisor23.02.2015
14 Rozpočet 2016S. ZerdalogluInternal--15.03.2016
15      IP2016-6.1-rekonstrukce ICTS. ZerdalogluInternalsupervisor15.03.2016
16      IP2016-6.2-optimalizace ISS. ZerdalogluInternalsupervisor15.03.2016
17            InvesticeS. ZerdalogluInternalsupervisor15.03.2016
18            NeinvesticeS. ZerdalogluInternalsupervisor15.03.2016
19 Rozpočet 2017S. ZerdalogluInternalsupervisor30.01.2017
20      CRP 2017S. ZerdalogluInternalsupervisor09.11.2017
21      IN9160191 - Rekonstrukce ICTS. ZerdalogluInternalsupervisor30.01.2017
22      IN9160201 - Optimalizace ISS. ZerdalogluInternalsupervisor30.01.2017
23      Rozpocet 1101S. ZerdalogluInternalsupervisor30.01.2017
24 Rozpočet 2018S. ZerdalogluInternalsupervisor12.03.2018
25      CRP GDPRS. ZerdalogluInternalsupervisor12.03.2018
26      CRP studijní ISS. ZerdalogluInternalsupervisor12.03.2018
27      IN9160191 - Rekonstrukce ICTS. ZerdalogluInternalsupervisor12.03.2018
28      IN9160201 - Optimalizace ISS. ZerdalogluInternalsupervisor12.03.2018
29      Rozpočet 1101S. ZerdalogluInternalsupervisor12.03.2018
30            Mzdove prostredkyS. ZerdalogluInternalsupervisor29.04.2018
31      Rozpočet 1502S. ZerdalogluInternalsupervisor12.03.2018
32      Rozpočet 9503 a ostatníS. ZerdalogluInternalsupervisor12.03.2018

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