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prof. Dr. Ing. Libor Grega
Identification number: 1639
University e-mail: libor.grega [at]
Academic staff - university professor - Department of Regional and Business Economics (FRDIS)

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Basic information

Basic information about a final thesis

Type of thesis:
Bachelor thesis
Thesis title:International comparative analysis of the implementation of the Smart city concept
Written by (author):
Thesis supervisor: prof. Dr. Ing. Libor Grega
Final thesis progress:
Final thesis is submitted

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Language of final thesis:

Czech        English

Title of the thesis:
International comparative analysis of the implementation of the Smart city concept
Summary:This bachelor thesis discusses the process of implementation of the concept of smart cities at the governmental transnational and governmental national level of individual world countries and the influence of the economy on this process. After analyzing the three transnational levels such as the European Union, ASEAN and the African Union, I analyzed the national level of three transnational levels. Then I performed an analysis and subsequent comparison of individual phases of the process of implementation of smart cities. And in the end I determined which Target Areas the cities are oriented in in this implementation process. At the same time, I made an economic breakdown according to the strength of the economies of each country to see if the economy influenced the process of implementing the smart cities concept or not. The results vary depending on which countries belong to which transnational levels.
Key words:
EU, smart cities, implementation

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