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Mgr. Lea Hasíková
Identification number: 12106
University e-mail: lea.hasikova [at]
Academic staff - assistant - Department of Languages (FRDIS)
External Teacher - Faculty of Horticulture (MENDELU)
External Teacher - Institut of Lifelong Learning (MENDELU)

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The following list contains supervised theses at MENDELU.

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Year of submission:

Ord.StateTypeFinal thesisUntilDetails
1.Final thesis is incompleteBTWritten by (author): Juraj Hógel
Návrh klastrové politiky regionu
December 2014Displaying the final thesis
2.Final thesis was successfully defended.BTWritten by (author): Bc. Michaela Kalousová
The Importance of the Competition Village of the Year for Krásensko area as a Facilitator of Regional Development
May 2015Displaying the final thesis
3.Final thesis was successfully defended.BTWritten by (author): Ing. David Kovář
The Comparison of Productivity in the Food Industry from International Perspective
April 2015Displaying the final thesis
4.Final thesis was successfully defended.BTWritten by (author): Bc. Gabriela Praxová
Význam soutěže Vesnice roku jako facilitátor rozvoje regionu
May 2018Displaying the final thesis
5.Final thesis is incompleteBTWritten by (author): Lucie Rybníčková
Vyznam souteze Vesnice roku jako facilitator rozvoje regionu
March 2014Displaying the final thesis

Key (click to show/hide)
BTBachelor thesis
DTDiploma thesis
DisTDissertation thesis
DisThPrDissertation thesis propositions
FtMBAFinal MBA thesis
Final thesisFinal thesis
FT(ILL)Final thesis - foreign students
FT(FS)Final thesis - Institute for Lifelong Learning
HabTHabilitation thesis
RigTRigorous thesis
Final thesis is incompleteFinal thesis is incomplete
Final thesis was unsuccessfully defended.Final thesis was unsuccessfully defended.
Final thesis was successfully defended.Final thesis was successfully defended.
Final thesis is in progressFinal thesis is in progress