Course syllabus MST - Macroeconomic Statistics (FBE - WS 2020/2021)

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Course code:
Course title in Czech:
Macroeconomic Statistics
Course title in English: Macroeconomic Statistics
WS 2020/2021
Mode of completion and number of credits: Exam (6 credits)
Mode of delivery and timetabled classes:
full-time, 2/2 (hours of lectures per week / hours of seminars per week)
Level of course:
master continuing
Course type: required
Type of delivery:
Mode of delivery for our mobility students abroad:
The course is not possible to study during foreign mobility.
Language of instruction:
Course supervisor: doc. Ing. Luboš Střelec, Ph.D.
Course supervising department:
Faculty of Business and Economics
doc. Ing. Luboš Střelec, Ph.D. (examiner, instructor, lecturer, supervisor)
System of Official Statistics and Advanced Statistical Methods and Models
Timetable in this semester:
-- item not defined --
Aim of the course and learning outcomes:
Acquirement of theoretical knowledge and basic calculation procedures and skills in the field of macroeconomic, socio-economic and business statistics. Students are also able to clarify the origin of statistical information by the authorities of the state statistical service as well as Eurostat, including the possibility of their analytical use in everyday socio-economic and business practice.
Course content:
1.Introduction to macroeconomics statistics (allowance 2/0)
Subject of macroeconomic statistics
Methods and tools of macroeconomic statistics

Statistics of population, families and households (allowance 4/4)
a.Indicators of population movements
Economic activity of population, economic activity rate
c.Employment and unemployment rates
d.Statistics of families and households

Indicators of living conditions (allowance 4/4)
Household Budget Surveys
Income inequality metrics
Measuring poverty of population
Consumption of population
e.Social statistics - statistics of housing, education and public health

4.Statistical comparison (allowance 4/6)
Basic principles of statistical comparison
Composite indices
Aggregate indices

Price indices (allowance 4/4)
a.Price level indices
b.Inflation measurement
Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices

6.Statistics of production and services (allowance 4/4)
Classification of economic activities (NACE)
Classification of goods and services
Sectoral production statistics
Unit labor costs
Labor productivity and its measurement

7.National accounts, macroaggregates (allowance 6/6)
Role and nature of national accounts
b.National account systems
Macroaggregates and relations between them

Learning activities and teaching methods:
Type of teaching method
Daily attendance
28 h
28 h
preparation for exam48 h
preparation for regular testing
20 h
writing of seminar paper
16 h
continuous preparation for seminars
28 h
Total168 h
Assessment methods:
To successfully complete the course, it is necessary to meet all of the following partial conditions:

1. Fulfillment of the conditions of the mid-term test – test will be written in seminar in the 10th teaching week, while it is necessary to obtain at least 18 points out of total possible 30 points; in case of failure or duly excused absence at the regular terms, it is possible to repeat test once in terms of the 13th teaching week.

2. Timely submitted and approved semester project – total 10 points can be obtained for timely submitted and approved semester project; an unfulfilled project can be corrected once and in such a case a maximum of 6 points can be obtained.

3. The course is completed by a written examination covering the theoretical and practical part (minimum 60% score is required) – for the successful completion of the final written exam is required to obtain at least 36 points out of total possible 60 points.

A student who has not met any of the above partial conditions of the course is evaluated with the mark "failed (F)". Partial conditions 1 and 2 represent the continuous monitoring of study obligations.

The result of continuous monitoring of study obligations is after successful completion of the final written exam taken into account in completing the course. The final evaluation of the course is given by the sum of points obtained from the mid-term test, semester project and final written exam, as follows:
[90 – 100] points = A
[83 – 90) points = B
[75 – 83) points = C
[68 – 75) points = D
[60 – 68) points = E
[0 – 60) points = F

Writing aids, an official formula sheet, a calculator and Gretl software can be used during the mid-term test as well as final written exam. For identification, it is necessary to submit a student card or the other document with a photo.

Any copying, recording or excerpt of tests and written works, the use of illicit devices as well as means of communication or other impairment of objectivity in the verification of knowledge will be considered gross violation of the study regulations. As a result, the course is closed in the UIS by the mark "failed (F)". Further, teacher can initiate disciplinary proceedings, which may result in termination of studies.
Assessment criteria ratio:
Requirement typeDaily attendance
Term paper
10 %
Mid-term test(s)
30 %
Final test
60 %
Total100 %
Recomended reading and other learning resources:
JÍLEK, J. -- MORAVOVÁ, J. Ekonomické a sociální indikátory: od statistik k poznatkům. 1st ed. Praha: Futura, 2007. 246 p. ISBN 978-80-86844-29-9.
JÍLEK, J. Nástin sociálně hospodářské statistiky. Praha: VŠE Praha, 2005. 265 p. ISBN 80-245-0840-0.
FISCHER, J. -- ZELENÝ, M. Příklady ze sociálněhospodářské statistiky. 2nd ed. Praha: Oeconomica, 2007. 105 p. ISBN 978-80-245-1170-2.

HRONOVÁ, S. et al. Národní účetnictví: nástroj popisu globální ekonomiky. 1st ed. V Praze: C.H. Beck, 2009. 326 p. Beckova edice ekonomie. ISBN 978-80-7400-153-6.
Národní účetnictví: koncept a analýzy. 1st ed. Praha: C.H. Beck, 2000. 258 p. ISBN 80-7179-235-7.

Course listed in study plans for this semester:
Track SNST Economic Statistics, full-time form, initial period WS 2019/2020
Track SNST Economic Statistics, full-time form, initial period SS 2019/2020
Course listed in previous semesters: WS 2019/2020, WS 2018/2019, WS 2017/2018, WS 2016/2017, SS 2014/2015 (and older)
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