Course syllabus KBP - Bachelor Thesis (FH - SS 2019/2020)

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Course code:
Course title in Czech:
Bachelor Thesis
Course title in English: Bachelor Thesis
Semester: SS 2019/2020
Mode of completion and number of credits:
Fulfillment of requirements (10 credits)
Mode of delivery and timetabled classes:
part-time, 0/0 (lectures per period / seminars per period)
Level of course: bachelor
Course type: required
Type of delivery:
Mode of delivery for our mobility students abroad: -- item not defined --
Language of instruction:
Course supervisor:
Course supervising department:
Deans Office of the Faculty of Horticulture (FH)
prof. Ing. Josef Balík, Ph.D. (examiner)
doc. Ing. Mojmír Baroň, Ph.D. (examiner)
Ing. Pavla Bukovská (examiner)
Ing. Pavel Bulíř, Ph.D. (examiner)
prof. Ing. Patrik Burg, Ph.D. (examiner)
Ing. Alice Čížková (examiner)
Ing. Aleš Eichmeier, Ph.D. (examiner)
Ing. Pavel Híc, Ph.D. (examiner)
Ing. Miroslav Horák, Ph.D. (examiner)
Ing. Klára Chvalinová (examiner)
Ing. Kristýna Klasová, Ph.D. (examiner)
doc. Ing. Petr Kučera, Ph.D. (examiner)
Ing. Michal Kumšta, Ph.D. (examiner)
doc. Ing. Tatiana Kuťková, CSc. (examiner)
Ing. Darek Lacina (examiner)
doc. Ing. Jarmila Neugebauerová, Ph.D. (examiner)
prof. Ing. Pavel Pavloušek, Ph.D. (examiner)
prof. Ing. Miloš Pejchal, CSc. (examiner)
Ing. Kamil Prokeš, Ph.D. (examiner)
Ing. Božena Průšová, Ph.D. (examiner)
doc. Ing. Milan Rajnoch, CSc. (examiner)
Ing. RNDr. Jaroslav Rožnovský, CSc. (examiner)
doc. Ing. Jiří Sochor, Ph.D. (examiner)
Ing. Radek Sotolář, Ph.D. (examiner)
Ing. Ivo Soural, Ph.D. (examiner)
doc. Ing. Pavel Šimek, Ph.D. (examiner)
Ing. Lukáš Štefl, Ph.D. (examiner)
Ing. Miroslav Vachůn, Ph.D. (examiner)
Mgr. Radoslav Vlk, Ph.D. (examiner, supervisor)
prof. Ing. Pavel Zemánek, Ph.D. (examiner)
Timetable in this semester:
-- item not defined --
Aim of the course and learning outcomes:
Processing separate thesis in collaboration with the supervisor.
Course content:
Develop of bachelor thesis. (allowance 0/0)
Learning activities and teaching methods:
Type of teaching method
Combined form
field work
50 h
40 h
public presentation (oral)1 h
preparation for exam
20 h
preparation of presentation
5 h
writing of seminar paper
164 h
280 h
Assessment methods:
A student will receive credits from the thesis supervisor after meeting the following requirements:
- regular consultations with the thesis supervisor,
- the submitted thesis does not contain plagiarism,
- the thesis is created in accordance with the current regulations of the university and the university parts,
- the electronic and printed version of the thesis are identical.
(A student can enrol this subject while abroad).
Assessment criteria ratio:
Requirement typeCombined form
0 %
Recomended reading and other learning resources:
ECO, U. Jak napsat diplomovou práci. V Olomouci: Votobia, 1997. 271 p. Velká řada / Votobia ;. ISBN 80-7198-173-7.
SLANÝ, A. Jak (ne)napsat závěrečnou práci. 1st ed. Brno: MU, 1993. 64 p. ISBN 80-210-0727-3.
VÁVROVÁ, H. -- MIKAN, P. -- SYNEK, M. Jak psát bakalářské, diplomové, doktorské a jiné písemné práce. Praha: Oeconomica, 2011. 70 p. ISBN 978-80-245-1819-0.
SYNEK, M. -- SEDLÁČKOVÁ, H. -- SVOBODOVÁ, I. Jak psát diplomové a jiné písemné práce. 2nd ed. Praha: VŠE, 1999. 64 p. ISBN 80-7079-131-4.
PRAHA, Č. Jak psát vysokoškolské závěrečné práce.  [online]. 2012. URL:
ČVUT, P. Jak psát vysokoškolské závěrečné práce.  [online]. 2012. URL:

Course listed in study plans for this semester:
Field of study B-HE-VV Viticulture and Viniculture, part-time form, initial period WS 2017/2018
Field of study B-LSA-MGM Municipal greenery management, part-time form, initial period WS 2017/2018
Field of study B-HE-H Horticulture, part-time form, initial period WS 2017/2018
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