Course syllabus TEKR - Technical Drawing (FA - WS 2019/2020)

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Course code: TEKR
Course title in language of instruction: Technické kreslení
Course title in Czech: Technical Drawing
Course title in English: Technical Drawing
Mode of completion and number of credits: Fulfillment of requirements (4 credits)
(1 ECTS credit = 28 hours of workload)
Mode of delivery/Timetabled classes: full-time, 1/3 (hours of lectures per week / hours of seminars per week)
Language of instruction: Czech
Level of course: bachelor
Semester: WS 2019/2020
Name of lecturer: doc. Ing. Michal Černý, CSc. (supervisor)
Ing. Marek Žák, Ph.D. (examiner, instructor, lecturer)
Prerequisites: none
Aims of the course:
In this course, students will learn about principles of technical drawing. Using concrete examples, they should master basic rules of dimensioning and specification of dimensions, shapes, positions, surface modifications and fulfilment of all formal requirements concerning technical drawings. They also will learn about possibilities of computerization of methods of technical drawing.
Course contents:
1.Introduction to technical drawing (allowance 1/0)
2.Technical projection, types of projection (allowance 1/6)
3.Technical normalization (allowance 1/3)
4.Technical drawings (allowance 1/3)
5.Dimensioning rules (allowance 1/3)
6.Fuctional dimensioning, tolerance for lenght dimension (allowance 1/2)
7.Surface quality (allowance 1/2)
8.Geometrical tolerances (allowance 1/2)
9.Semi-finished products drawings (allowance 1/3)
10.Intrdouction to CAD systems (allowance 1/0)
11.Basics of work with CAD system (allowance 1/3)
12.Parts modelling (allowance 1/6)
13.Assembly modelling - linkages (allowance 1/3)
14.Drawings creation (allowance 1/6)
Learning outcomes and competences:
Generic competences:
-Ability to analyse and synthesize
-Ability to apply knowledge
-Ability to communicate with professionals in different field of study
-Ability to create new ideas (creativity)
-Ability to make decisions
-Ability to solve problems
-Ability to work independently
-Basic computing skills
-Capacity to learn
-General knowledge
-Professional knowledge
-Quality concept awareness
-Skilled at utilizing and processing information

Specific competences:
-Ability to apply knowledge of other technical subjects.
-Ability to design and display machine parts.
-Ability to implement the engineering ideas in form of project (engineering documentation including drawings)
-Capacity for abstract thinking.
-Knowledge of the application of technical drawing standards.

Type of course unit: required
Year of study: Not applicable - the subject could be chosen at anytime during the course of the programme.
Work placement: There is no compulsory work placement in the course unit.
Recommended study modules: -
Learning activities and study load (hours of study load):
Type of teaching methodDaily attendance
Direct teaching
     lecture14 h
     practice42 h
     preparation for exam35 h
     elaboration and execution of projects21 h
Total112 h
Assessment methods:
Final written test encompassing subject contents in duration 20 minutes. Project defense. Final credit.
Recommended reading:
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