Course syllabus RRPEKA - Business Economics in English (FRDIS - SS 2018/2019)

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Course code:
Course title in Czech:
Business Economics in English
Course title in English:
Business Economics in English
SS 2018/2019
Mode of completion and number of credits:
Exam (6 credits)
Mode of delivery and timetabled classes:
full-time, 2/2 (hours of lectures per week / hours of seminars per week)
Level of course:
Course type:
Type of delivery: consulting
Mode of delivery for our mobility students abroad:
-- item not defined --
Language of instruction:
Course supervisor:
prof. Ing. Iva Živělová, CSc.
Course supervising department: Department of Regional and Business Economics (FRDIS)
Faculty: Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies
Ing. Radka Redlichová, Ph.D. (examiner, instructor, lecturer)
Ing. Veronika Svatošová, Ph.D. (examiner, instructor, lecturer)
Ing. Eliška Svobodová, Ph.D. (examiner, instructor, lecturer)
prof. Ing. Iva Živělová, CSc. (supervisor)
not Business Economics
Timetable in this semester:
-- item not defined --
Aim of the course and learning outcomes:
To provide complex explanation of business economics basis - mainly with the economic and financial system of the enterprise.
Course content:
1.Introduction to the study (allowance 1/0)
Enterprise, entrepreneutrial activity, legal forms of enterprises (allowance 1/0)
Economic system of the enterprise (allowance 2/0)
4.Technical-economical relationships of the economic activity of the firm (allowance 4/0)
Financial base of the firm and its allocation in property (allowance 4/2)
6.Financial result of the economic activity of the firm (allowance 6/8)
Cash flow in the firm (allowance 2/4)
8.Risk in business (allowance 2/0)
9.Basis of investment decision-making of the firm (allowance 2/6)
Basis of analysis of economic development of the firm (allowance 2/4)
Learning activities and teaching methods:
Type of teaching method
Daily attendance
28 h
28 h
preparation for exam50 h
preparation for regular assessment
17 h
preparation for regular testing
10 h
preparation of presentation
15 h
writing of seminar paper
20 h
Total168 h
Assessment methods:
The exam is in written form. It examines student's theoretical knowledge and ability to apply this knowledge in form of practical examples. Students will be allowed to exam, if they attend classes, work actively and pass short test.
Assessment criteria ratio:
Requirement type
Daily attendance
Total0 %
Recomended reading and other learning resources:
BAYE, M. Managerial Economics and Business Strategy. New York: McGraw - Hill, 2006. 620 p.
Managerial economics. 12th ed. Australia: South-Western/Cengage Learning, 2009. 836 p. ISBN 978-0-324-58831-6.
The new managerial economics. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 363 p. ISBN 0-395-82835-X.

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WS 2020/2021, WS 2019/2020, WS 2018/2019, SS 2017/2018, SS 2016/2017, SS 2015/2016 (and older)
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