Course syllabus DZC - Wood in Human Life (FFWT - SS 2018/2019)

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Course code: DZC
Course title in language of instruction: Dřevo v životě člověka (modul O, V)
Course title in Czech: Wood in Human Life
Course title in English: Wood in Human Life
Mode of completion and number of credits: Fulfillment of requirements (3 credits)
(1 ECTS credit = 28 hours of workload)
Mode of delivery/Timetabled classes: full-time, 2/1 (hours of lectures per week / hours of seminars per week)
Language of instruction: Czech
Level of course: bachelor
Semester: SS 2018/2019
Name of lecturer: Ing. Aleš Dejmal, Ph.D. (examiner, instructor, lecturer, supervisor)
Prerequisites: none
Aims of the course:
Make students acquainted with unusualy technologyes of wood application. Perfom the table of compleat wood usage with generation of people. More reveal the old wood working technologies for the human life.
Course contents:
1.Wooden artefacts (allowance 2/1)
2.Wood - basic material for life (allowance 2/1)
3.Classic shaping tools (allowance 2/1)
4.Building trades, handicrafts, arts and crafts (allowance 2/1)
5.Clasic old carpentry (allowance 2/1)
6.Medieval wooden crane (allowance 2/1)
7.Wooden shingle roofs (allowance 2/1)
8.Turning, turned work (allowance 2/1)
9.Wood-carving, wood sculpture (allowance 2/1)
10.Wood block, woodcarving (allowance 2/1)
11.Artistic utilization of wood material (allowance 2/1)
12.Wooden creche (betlhem) (allowance 2/1)
13.Wooden marionette (allowance 2/1)
14.Wooden musical instruments (allowance 2/1)
15.Wooden artefacts renovation and conservation (allowance 2/1)
16.Methods of renovation and conservation (allowance 2/1)
17.Depositary, safekeeping of wood artefacts (allowance 2/1)
18.Archeology, sea archeology (allowance 2/1)
19.Wooden ships (allowance 2/1)
20.Wooden bridges (allowance 2/1)
21.Wooden wheels (allowance 2/1)
22.Wooden loghouse, wooden outlook tower (allowance 0/1)
23.Wooden jewellery (allowance 2/1)
24.Wooden bowls of a pipe (allowance 2/1)
25.Wattle baskets, basket-work (allowance 2/1)
26.Wooden arms, wood and arms (allowance 2/1)
27.Wood and vehicles (allowance 2/1)
Learning outcomes and competences:
Generic competences:
-Ability to analyse and synthesize
-Ability to apply knowledge
-Ability to comment on performance of others and to self-reflect
-Ability to solve problems
-Ability to work independently
-Basic computing skills
-Capacity to learn
-Professional knowledge
-Skilled at utilizing and processing information

Specific competences:
-Ability to describe the original traditional usage of wood for agriculture
-Ability to describe the original traditional usage of wood for arts and sports
-Ability to describe usage of timber for transport purposes in the past
-Knowledge of traditional ways in which humans have used wood

Type of course unit: optional
Year of study: Not applicable - the subject could be chosen at anytime during the course of the programme.
Work placement: There is no compulsory work placement in the course unit.
Recommended study modules: -
Learning activities and study load (hours of study load):
Type of teaching methodDaily attendance
Direct teaching
     lecture28 h
     practice14 h
     preparation of presentation5 h
     elaboration and execution of projects37 h
Total84 h
Assessment methods:
credit (certified semestrial work, 12/14 presence on seminar, 60% successful presentation terminology overview)
Recommended reading:
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