Course syllabus UZRTS - Utility Plants of Subtropics and Tropics (FFWT - SS 2017/2018)

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Course code:
Course title in Czech:
Utility Plants of Subtropics and Tropics
Course title in English:
Utility Plants of Subtropics and Tropics
SS 2017/2018
Mode of completion and number of credits:
Fulfillment of requirements (3 credits)
Mode of delivery and timetabled classes:
full-time, 1/1/2 (hours weekly/ hours weekly/ days in semester) (hours of lectures per week / hours of seminars per week)
part-time, 10/0/0 (h/h/days in semester) (lectures per period / seminars per period)
Level of course:
bachelor; master; master continuing; doctor
Course type:
Type of delivery:
Mode of delivery for our mobility students abroad:
-- item not defined --
Language of instruction:
Course supervisor:
Course supervising department:
Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology
Ing. Petr Němec, Ph.D. (examiner, instructor, lecturer, tutor)
doc. Dr. Ing. Jindřich Pavliš (supervisor, tutor)
Timetable in this semester:
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Aim of the course and learning outcomes:
The aim is to provide a general understanding of utilization of non-timber forest products of the tropics and dendrologic characteristics of representatives of the main commercial categories (fruits, vegetables, ornamental plants, technical plants, medicinal plants etc.).
Course content:
1.Introduction (allowance 2/2)
food plants
b.Plants with psychosomatic effects
technical plants

Areas of occurrence of useful plants. interesting species, 11 species (allowance 2/2)
Fruit, 43 species (allowance 2/2)
4.Spices, consumption and oil plants, 39 species (allowance 2/2)
5.Ornamental plants, 42 plants (allowance 2/2)
Medicinal plants, 42 plants (allowance 2/2)
Wood and material, 27 plants (allowance 2/2)
Resins and elastomers, oil, 24 species (allowance 2/2)
Waxes, textile materials and dyes, tanning plants, 18 plants (allowance 2/2)
Foodstuff, 12 species. Conclusion. (allowance 2/2)

Learning activities and teaching methods:
Type of teaching method
Daily attendance
Combined form
14 h
10 h
practice14 h0 h
professional educational excursion
16 h
0 h
practical training
8 h
0 h
preparation for exam20 h54 h
writing of seminar paper
12 h20 h
84 h84 h
Assessment methods:
After the defense of a seminar work follows written exam and species determination. Minimum eleven from total twenty points is necessary to pass the exam.
Assessment criteria ratio:
Requirement typeDaily attendanceCombined form
0 %
0 %
Recomended reading and other learning resources:
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Field of study B-FOR-TROP Management of Natural Resources in the Tropics and Subtropics, full-time form, initial period WS 2015/2016
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